The Ministry of Health and UNFPA conducted a comprehensive assessment and midwifery gap analysis in 2019, with the purpose of identifying gaps and strengthening the quality of midwifery services and improving competency-based pre-service education (PSE) and in-service trainings for nurse midwives.

  • To strategize on how the country should tackle the high maternal mortalities and new-born health challenges, and ensuring that the people of Lesotho access quality health services.
  • The assessment was meant to provide recommendations on how to improve midwifery for quality delivery.
  • Lesotho has a high maternal mortality ratio at 1,024 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births – the life time risk of dying is 1 in 32 women.
  • The under-five mortality is significantly improved from 117 in 2009 to 85 in 2014. Similarly, the infant mortality also fell, from 91 deaths in 2004 and 2009 to 59 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2014 and the neonatal mortality rate is 34 deaths per 1,000 births (Lesotho ROADMAP 2007-2015)
  • Maternal mortality still remains a critical challenge in many low- income countries inclusive of Lesotho. 1 of every 29 children dies in the first month of life.



Lesotho Nursing Council is hereby requesting all Nurses, Midwives and Nursing Assistants to Urgently send WhatsApp or call this office number +266 59387498 to update their contact details in LNC database. This initiative will enable them to gain access to covid-19 online courses, also for creation of communication platform to address Covid-19 upcoming emergencies, and challenges encountered by health facilities.


Online courses on the Free CPD system and Mobile Application

To assist you in meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the attainment of the requisite CPD points, the Lesotho Nursing Council is working to improve access to learning opportunities for all registrants to access online courses on the Free CPD system and Mobile Application in 2020.

Click Here to register https://engagement.wcea.education/lnc?source_code=WS01


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We welcome you for visiting our professional site which contains the regulatory systems and processes designed for registrants (i.e. Nurses, Midwives and nursing assistants) practicing in Lesotho

Our mandate is to ensure the public protection through the best regulatory practices which are in line with the international standards. This objective is achieved through the enforcement of the legislature (i.e. Nurses and midwifes Act no: 12 of 1998) Standards, codes of professional conduct and ethics, scope of practice and continuing professional and development (CPD) Program.

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Lesotho Nursing Council Licence

Licence Renewal

Licence period renewal has began and you are advised to come and renew your licences

Deadline: 31/March/2019

Why register and renew your license?

All the nurses, midwives and nursing assistants working in Lesotho are required by legislation (Nurses & midwifes Act no: 12 of 1998) to register and renew their practicing licenses annually by attaining a minimum of 12 CPD points each year together with a prescribed fee for re-licensure. The CPD logbook has to be verified and signed by the in-charge officer where the registrant is working. For registrants who are not working, their CPD logbooks are verified and signed for at District Health Management Team (DHMT)

Failure to adhere/comply to the re-licensure requirements, will result in an individual being non-compliant and subject to disciplinary such as:

  • Being required to practice under direct supervision
  • Being required to sit for an examination
  • Being suspended from the register which means they will not be able to practice in their profession without applying for restoration to the register and paying the prescribed fee. Restoration to the register will not be granted unless outstanding CPD requirements have been met.

All the employers are required by the legislation to ensure that nurses, midwives & Nursing assistants working at their health facilities (i.e. Hospitals, health centers, Private clinics and Surgery) comply with the re-licensure requirements by ensuring that each Nursing/Midwives/Nursing assistant has an up to date (Valid) license by the 1st April of each year.

Failure to comply will result in employers being sued for non-compliance.