We offer Three kinds of registration for local candidates, Expatriates and Pupil Nurses

  1. Application letter specifying area applied for
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Certified Copy of the Identity document
  4. Certified copies of Academic certificates.
  5. Certified copies of registration certificates of the    
        Regulatory Body from the Country of    
  6. Record of education and training
        (Transcript) from the school of Nursing    
  7. Verification certificate from the Regulatory
         Body of the country of origin confirming  
         that the applicant is in good standing and  
         has no criminal cases pending.
  8.  Licensure examination: PASS

·    Submit your filled Application form for registration

·    Accompanied by a non-refundable application fee

·    Licensure examination: when the application
documents have been received
   and reviewed, you will be expected to pay the prescribed fee and write licensure examination.

·    When the licensure examination results are out and you have passed then you are to pay the prescribed registration fee after which you will be issued a registration certificate and a license to practice.

  • General Nursing:  R1040.00
  • Midwifery:  R755.00
  • Nursing Assistants:  R850.00
  • General Nursing+MID:  R1435.00
  • Nursing Assistants:  R2,970.00
  • General Nursing+MID:  R5,675.00

·    Submit the indexing form to your School of Nursing with a prescribed fee.

·    Each School of Nursing will submit a list of its student nurses and pupil nurses to the Council within three months of each intake.

Lesotho Nursing Council
Standard Lesotho Lesotho Bank
Tower Branch
Account Type: Current A/C
AC: 9080004887367

Examination [Licensure]

We offer two Kinds of Examinations

Local price: R340.00
Expatriate Price: R390.00

Deadline: 20/March/2018
Account Number:  Lesotho Nursing Council
                               :  Standard Bank
                               :  Tower Branch
Account Type      : Current A/A
                               :  9080004887367

Local price: R340.00
Expatriate Price: R390.00

Deadline: 31/March/2019
Account Number:  Lesotho Nursing Council
                              :  Standard Bank
                              :  Tower Branch
Account Type     : Current A/A
                              :  AC: 9080004887367

Written Exams
General Nurses

Licence Renewal

We offer three Kinds of Licences

  • Your license to practice is renewable annually on or before 31st March every year at a fee prescribed by the Council.
  • Conditions for Renewal of a license:
  • Attainment of a minimum of 12 CPD points annually, submitted prior renewal.
  • Fill in the Application form for listing.

Local price: R270.00
Expatriate Price: R325.00

Deadline: 31/March/2020
Account Number :  Lesotho Nursing Council
                                :  Standard Bank
                                :  Tower Branch
Account Type       : Current A/A
                                :  9080004887367

Local price: R160.00
Expatriate Price: R160.00

Deadline: 31/March/2020
Account Number:  Lesotho Nursing Council
                               :  Standard Bank
                               :  Tower Branch
Account Type      : Current A/A
                               :  9080004887367

Local price: R240.00
Expatriate Price: R240.00

Deadline: 01/April/2020
Account Number :  Lesotho Nursing Council
                               :  Standard Bank
                               :  Tower Branch
Account Type      : Current A/A
                               :  9080004887367

Guide lines to patients and relatives

Complaints procedure in cases of professional misconduct of a Nurse and midwife or nursing assistant

The complaint must be in writing stating the following details:

  • The places, date and time of the incident
  • The conduct complained of
  • The names and particulars of persons involved and witnesses if any.

NOTE: be specific and give as much information as possible.
Send your complaint to:

The Registrar
Lesotho Nursing Council
P.O Box 9110
Maseru 100
MASOWE III opposite Lesotho Housing Houses, along Matukeng Road
Tel: +266022320264/ 28315563
FAX: +266022315561

Examples of acts and omissions which are regarded as professional misconduct by the Lesotho Nursing Council.

  • Failure to give the required treatment to the patient
  • Failure to keep accurate and complete record of all nursing care provided to a patient
  • Giving confidential information about the patient to unauthorized persons
  • Neglect to or delay in obtaining medical assistance for a patient
  • Failure to prevent injury or accident to a patient
  • Theft from a patient or a deceased person
  • Patient assault (physical, sexual or verbal)
  • Arson and attempted murder
  • Leaving the patient unattended
  • Misuse of medications
  • Forcing a patient to sign a consent for surgical procedure
  • Practicing in a private clinic without a Private Practice License
  • For every received complaint, the Practitioner is identified
  • The matter is investigated and all relevant information is obtained
  • A report is submitted to the Professional Conduct Committee
  • The Committee may impose a fine or refer the complaint for a disciplinary hearing
  • A formal professional conduct inquiry will be held during which evidence is heard
  • The applicable penalty may be imposed which may be:
  1. A fine
  2. Censure
  3. Suspension or
  4. Removal of his/her name from the Register/Roll

Patients, managers, police officers and other members of the public are requested to bring to the Council’s attention any case of misconduct by a registered nurse, Midwife and a Nursing Assistant. This will assist the Council to fulfill its commitment to provide a competent, safe, compassionate and ethically based health service by Nurses.

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Lesotho Nursing Council

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Maseru 100