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Quality nursing and midwifery education is fundamental aspect in producing a competent nursing and midwifery workforce. Improving the performance of nursing and midwifery education and training is an important way to strengthen health systems. The critical elements in raising the quality of education include setting standards for professional education, continuous quality monitoring of the institutional and programme performance, and accreditation of institutions offering educational programmes for pre-service, specialist and advanced professional education. A key function of the Lesotho Nursing Council (LNC) is to establish, disseminate, support implementation, monitor and periodically update education standards. This document contains the standards that the LNC expects all establishments providing formal nursing or midwifery education programmes that confer a professional qualification. The standards address both institutional and programmatic standards.

Standards for professional education should deal with:

 The design, implementation and evaluation of educational programmes ( curriculum, teaching/learning methods, student assessment and programme evaluation);
 Resources (human, fiscal and material) and the educational infrastructure, including clinical education settings;
 institutional and programme governance;
 institutional organization and management; and
 programme outcomes

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Nursing practice standards are statements describing the desirable and achievable level of performance expected of nurses in their practice, against which actual performance can be measured.
These standards apply at all times regardless of role and the context in which the nurse is practising. They are further supported by the nursing code of professional ethics. The standards can be used as guidelines to assist with professional decision-making as well as setting out for the nurse, other health professionals, nurse educators, health service managers, health planners and the public what can be expected from practising registered nurses. Finally but equally important, the standards are used as a legal reference by the Lesotho Nursing an Midwifery Council and or a juridical authority as a bench mark for reasonable and prudent practice, when the nurse has to face questions of competence or unethical or unprofessional behaviour.

Standards for nursing practice will be used to:

  1. Monitor care
  2. Identify deficiencies in care
  3. Communicate expectations (what care to expect)
  4. Communicate the nature of nursing practice to others
  5. Help to develop management tools to aid in the planning and delivery of care.
  6. Promote universal levels of performance
  7. Describe incompetent practice

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