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The Lesotho Nursing Council (LNC) is a statutory regulatory body established by the act of the Parliament and continues to exist in terms of the Nurses and Midwives Act, 1998 ( Gazette No. 49 of 17th June, 1998)


to fulfill its mandate as a statutory body for regulating nurses and midwives, their education and practice, and, through information—giving guidance and advocacy activities contribute to the improvement of health care standards. It assumes responsibility for professional regulation through implementing sustainable and robust regulatory policies and practices.


Contributing to public protection by assuring competence of nurses and midwives throughout their work life.


Roles and Differences

  • Acts in the interest of the public (protecting the public)
  • Safeguard the public by promoting good practice, preventing poor practice and intervening in unacceptable practice of the cadres it regulates.
  • Sets Nursing and Midwifery standards to guide practice
  • Assures that all registrants practice within their scope of practice and adhere to the set standards
  • Acts as the voice of its members by:

    • Principal focus is nurses’ wellbeing and welfare
    • Advocating for issues of public, health and nursing policy and better care and education standards.

    Advocates from the context of the nurse, ensuring the individual and profession’s rights are upheld, their contributions acknowledged, nurses’ working conditions are appropriate and that nurses have a voice in policy setting (TNMC, 2012).

  • The roles and responsibilities of Director Nursing Services – are primarily directed at achieving national health goals for better health of individuals, families and communities. DNS plays a role of executive and  advisory to the government (MoH).

    DNS roles provides opportunities for nursing and midwifery professions to influence government policies and decisions in relation to people’s health and health-care provision.

    DNS achieve these roles and responsibilities by collaborating with Health partners, NTI, Regulatory and Professional bodies as well as the community at large.

  • Nursing Directorate mandate is to provide equitable, accessible, competency and evidence-based nursing and midwifery care to all the people of Lesotho, in line with the policies of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the decentralization reforms.

     Core Values

    • Equity and fairness
    • Quality nursing and midwifery services–well managed, culturally sensitive, integrated, available, accessible, accountable, sustainable
    • Professional integrity
To safe guard the public by promoting good practice; preventing poor practice and intervening in unacceptible practiceTo act as the voice of its members, advance nursing and nurses/members well beingTo present and lead nursing within government and represent the government within the broader nursing community
Interested in supporting registrants to provide safe care.Interested in supporting members to provide safe careInterested in supporting nursing departments to provide safe care
Speaks on behalf of the public to advocate for public policy mattersSpeaks on behalf members to advocate for professional and public policy mattersSpeaks on behalf of government to advocate for professional and public policy matters

LNC/WCEA Mobile App and Online CPD project.

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We are responsible for the regulation of the Nursing Education and Practice in Lesotho through setting standards of nursing education and training as well as standards of practice of nursing practitioners and ensures compliance of the set standards

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Lesotho Nursing council is responsible for setting, monitoring and maintaining the standards of the nursing and midwifery Education and Practice in Lesotho.